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PD Medication Options for Off Episodes

Parkinson’s disease is a progressive neurodegenerative condition that occurs due to the gradual loss of nerve cells in the brain.
This leads to the decline of brain chemical dopamine levels and causes various symptoms.
This debilitating disorder can occur in both men and women, but is more prevalent in men. The risk of the disease increases with age and the symptoms worsen with time.
Some of the common symptoms include difficulty in movement such as walking and talking, stiffness, tremor and loss of balance and coordination.
The gradual progression of the disease may lead to the return of disease symptoms in patients despite being on therapy, which is called OFF episodes.
An estimated one million individuals in the US and 1.2 million in Europe annually are diagnosed with the disease. OFF episodes are experienced by approximately 40% of the patients
diagnosed with the disease in the US.

Medication Options for Off Episodes: Service
Medication Options for Off Episodes: Programs
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INBRIJA™ is a prescription medicine that you inhale, used for the return of Parkinson’s symptoms (known as OFF episodes) in adults treated with carbidopa-levodopa medicines.
INBRIJA does not replace regular carbidopa-levodopa medicines.

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