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Dementia Support Group in Panama City made possible by Senior Helpers of Panama City

Updated: Oct 29, 2021

You are not alone! Join us this month for our 1st Tuesday Dementia Caregiver Support Group meeting - and bring a friend.

No matter if you have been a Caregiver for years or you have recently received a diagnosis of dementia for a loved one. Caregiver Support Group meets monthly to share concerns and ideas with each other. We use the Senior GEMS levels and strategies to offer answers to the questions Caregivers have when facing the challenges of loving someone through the stages of dementia.

We ask experts in the field of dementia to share current information about research and resources, but it is the Caregiver who needs support and strategies to change resistance and refusals into acceptance and moments of joy.

Our meetings are free, open to the public, and refreshments are served.

Please let us know if you are coming...

Senior Helpers of Panama City started the 1st Tuesday Caregiver Support Group in June 2018 so that Caregivers would know they are not alone and they have a place to meet with other people who are facing the same challenges. We have been sharing the Senior GEMS strategies - unique to the industry - that offer solutions when Care partners ask "Why do they do that?" Caregivers discuss the common challenges they face when loving someone who is living with dementia.

About Us...

Each month we answer the question "What to I do now?" while providing support, education, and resources. When we have a guest speaker, they

answer dementia-specific information about resources, research, activities, medications, and more. After our guest speaker finish, there is plenty of time for caregivers to ask questions and share stories about their own experiences.

Senior GEMS - A Guide for Families living with Dementia

Senior Helpers of Panama City provide free Senior GEMS® DVDs. Call to find our more about their Caregiver training - unique to the industry.

Care partners who are trained to use the Senior GEMS strategies and Positive Physical Approach® are able to change resistance and refusals into acceptance and moments of joy.

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