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THEIR WAY - Doing Things the Familiar Way for Improved Function and Independence with Dementia

Updated: Apr 29

THEIR WAY is the way they have always done things.

For example, "They like to sit down in a chair to put their pants on using their right / left leg first."

A Functional Maintenance Program (FMP) is designed to optimize and maintain a person's performance after that person has been discharged from therapy. The Plan of Care includes goals, techniques, and strategies that are established during the initial assessment and each therapy session.

During each session, the goal is to optimize the person's abilities in order to achieve a desired outcome using techniques and strategies that are meaningful and to educate the person how they will be able to maintain that ability after going home.

Caregivers, too, are working towards "optimizing the person's abilities" during activities of daily living. When the Caregiver is aware of the person's preferences, it becomes easier to make necessary adjustments and to provide cues that are more meaningful.

With the right cues, anything is possible!

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