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"A Day with Teepa Snow" 2/22/22 live in Panama City with help from Senior Helpers of Panama City

Updated: Oct 28, 2021

Register for "A Day with Teepa Snow" to see her live in Panama City Beach at the Todd Herrendeen Theatre, Tuesday, 2/22/22. Teepa will use the day to advocate and educate for all those living with dementia. Her presentations are designed to help every Care partner loving someone who is experiencing problems with thinking, memory, language, or behavior. Teepa will address a wide variety of common concerns and issues from the earliest stages of cognitive changes until the end of journey resulting in death due to complications of brain failure.

Whether you are a professional in the Health Care Industry, a Police Officer, a friend, a family member, or EMS - if you come in contact with people who are living with dementia, this is a must-see seminar packed with useful information you can begin utilizing immediately.

Teepa’s GEMS® States classification system (based on the Allen Cognitive Disability Theory) helps you to understand which state of brain change the person is experiencing, and how to respond appropriately.

Senior Helpers adapted Teepa’s GEMS® States into the Senior GEMS®, which they use to train their caregivers. People who are trained to use a Positive Approach to Care® can help change resistance and refusals into participation and successful interactions. Call Senior Helpers to learn more about Caregiver training unique to the industry. 850.215.1793

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